Tuesday, May 10, 2016

What a legal Ponzi scheme looks like and the inevitable consequences

"...The Powers That Be (Federal Reserve, government at all levels, mainstream corporate media, etc.) have been masking the need for an overhaul with trickery for the past seven years, the financial equivalent of using heavy oil and spray-painting the battery to make it look new.

Warren Buffett's News and Record and the Triad Business Journal
have lent a helping hand by keeping the local population uninformed

...It's lies, fantasy and propaganda.

Nothing has been fixed.

Automation has just started devouring human labor/jobs, corporate profits have peaked, the trick of pushing the stock market higher by [the Federal Reserve printing and corporations] borrowing money to buy back shares is finally falling apart, the trends of wealth and income inequality are roaring ahead full steam, and our entire system of taxation, entitlements and debt is about to blow up.

...big structural trends will destroy the status quo: automation/loss of jobs leads to lower profits and wages which means lower tax revenues while costs of an outsized generation retiring will soar for the next 30 years.

There are too many people to support in old age with less income available to our elder's children 
as our higher paying jobs were outsourced elsewhere for less to increase corporate profits

...The promises made when there were 7 workers for every retiree cannot be kept when there are only 2 workers for every retiree.

...the meltdown of the status quo is only a matter of time. Anyone who thinks taxes can double and the consumer-based economy will be just fine is delusional."