Sunday, June 26, 2016

As England's pound falls, the US dollar rises, UK goods cost less for us, our goods more for them
Flight to quality and relative safety

It's the beginning of the end of the European Union, and the end of the beginning of a world wide recession/depression

Call it the third inning for the EU

Somebody probably did or most likely will get wiped out in the financial volatility

Margin calls for some smaller firms and a good chunk of investors

Credit Default Swap premiums spike and somebody won't likely be able to pay off at term

Money begins to flee emerging markets, especially the middle east if oil resumes its fall, unless the central banks step in again and again and again and we'll be stuck in this purgatory of fake stability

The US Dollar keeps rising.  Oil is priced in US Dollars.  Oil becomes more expensive in England and wherever currencies are declining and less expensive for us.

Energy sector bankruptcies double the already records broken every other week

Consumption falls, prices fall, jobs disappear, highly indebted municipalities deal with insolvencies not addressed in the last financial crises

Same with a bunch of insider thieves who borrowed to buy back overpriced stocks to enrich themselves while loading up on debt they can escape responsibility for after walking away with the spoils

If the Japanese Yen continues to climb, their exports will get crushed even more.  The BOJ has bought the Japanese treasury market

Negative yields... 

It's the whole world this time