Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Garbage Journalism; Susan Ladd: "Water rate increase is reasonable and necessary" Crooked Government; Greensboro City Council


Where is the opposing opinion in the article which says Greensboro is sitting on $319 million in savings which could be allocated?


Where is the opposing opinion of someone who doesn't have anything to lose on the water quality issue?

Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan said she remembers well
what happened the last time the council deferred raising water and sewer rates.

The following year, an even larger increase was necessary.


“We are literally still paying for it now,” Vaughan said.


Water resources made an extra $17 million last year

City Council, with Susan Ladd's help, is going to take unnecessary monies
for something other than maintenence 

City Council just voted to borrow $55 million on the coliseum and the PAC and a regressive tax on autos, which Susan Ladd doesn't bother pointing out, only our poorest who can least afford it should pay relatively more as a % of their income, and all the money goes to resurfacing, which isn't true as money is fungible.

This is a propaganda piece. This isn't journalism.

Susan appears to be financially illiterate on purpose to get Council's priorities done.

Next she will say all the proposed bonds are a good idea, even another $25 million for downtown and fixing up campaign contributors rental units in East Greensboro.

Please review basic governmental accounting and arithmetic Susan. Your lack of financial knowledge and stenography are showing.

Journalism like this is probably how Flint Michigan happened for so long. An outside group or study comes up and the local paper covers for the folks who would be responsible by interviewing and reporting their defense without looking into why they could be somewhat misleading.

You swallowed it whole Susan Ladd.

When the time comes for City Council to fund the water and sewer to Randolph County from these same accounts, just like they did with the $2.3 million for the initial surveying, which came from the same accounts, you will have misled your readers, again.

Water Resources Fund Income Ended June 30, 2015;


Think Susan Ladd will report it?