Sunday, June 19, 2016

Greensboro is a third world city, it’s just not ready to accept that reality yet.

Politically Greensboro is thoroughly corrupted and economically too deeply controlled by the likes of Roy Carroll and Marty Kotis to extricate itself. Morally we are without direction, rudderless in dangerous seas and heading for the rocks with Nancy Vaughan, Mike Barber and Zack Matheny at the helm, working as pawns of the country club inside crowds advocated for by Susan Ladd's garbage, reality-less advocacy pieces published outside the confines of the opinion pages.

Susan didn't even bother to bring up the faux racism against the redistricting push, but instead went after the agreed upon villains as her prior reasons didn't make any sense, as they were meant to race bait East Greensboro into falling in line with our political string pullers, not actually tell the truth that Mike Barber's newly advocated for map increases the likelihood of more actual minority representation. I exclude Justin Outling in the arithmetic considering who he actually represents, which isn't Greensboro's African American community.

The divides between our wealthy and impoverished are gaping. White and black are set against one another deliberately, provoked hourly by the very people who should be doing everything possible to unite them. That's you Sharon Hightower, Marikay Abuzuaiter, Jamal Fox and Yvonne Johnson. I'd include Justin Outling, but he represents Brooks Pierce financial interests and Greensboro's white community. Justin was the perfect Manchurian candidate for Jim Melvin, who seems to have his fingers up most pols butts to control instead of the standard marionette model utilized by most campaign contributors looking for some taxpayer taste.

Last night I had a dream. I fed the chickens, always hungry, always anticipating the next feeding and how easy they are to manage. They wait for me to bring them food rather than try and escape and find something to eat on their own.

They are spoiled by their good fortune, fattening themselves on what I bring. The people who have managed to gain control of the levers of power in this city know how to do the same with the help of the Rhino and the News and Record. John Hammer is Susan Ladd only different.

I dreamed that the reasons City Council regularly hands out our money is no different than why the chickens stay for the food. They grow dependent upon it, it is just large enough to make people like Tony Wilkins and Nancy Vaughan to feel for the moment like they offer something substantial and to be excited about the spin of big hand outs, remaining close to the source of disbursements which let them retain power and popularity, but there is never enough to give away in exchange for campaign bribes so they might have the chance to escape that perpetual bondage, and by the end of their next allocation of taxpayer resources, there is only the hunger for the next allotment and remitted exchange. Look how much Mike Barber has made from the city and Jim Melvin out at Gillespie.

The people who run the show know what they’re doing. Think Nancy Hoffmann didn't know she voted money for DGI to hand out to her tenants and herself? Do you think Hoffmann's proposal for a $25 million bond for downtown doesn't enrich herself? Do you think the News and Record's refusal to tell the public of Nancy's interests isn't on purpose?

The chickens are hungry again.