Thursday, June 2, 2016

Greensboro Makes List Of Cities Caught Cheating On Water Testing

Well it's bad enough that I publish Billy's Big List Of Documented Reasons Why Greensboro Sucks but to add insult to injury I must keep updating the list almost constantly with more bad news about Greensboro, North Carolina.

And people wonder why I see the need to run for Mayor of Greensboro in 2017.

So what is it this time?

Well as it turns out the Guardian has just published a list of 33 US Cities that have been cheating on water quality tests and our own City of Greensboro is on the list for having some of the same issues Flint, Michigan had:

"At least 33 cities across 17 US states have used water testing “cheats” that potentially conceal dangerous levels of lead, a Guardian investigation launched in the wake of the toxic water crisis in Flint, Michigan, has found.

Of these cities, 21 used the same water testing methods that prompted criminal charges against three government employees in Flint over their role in one of the worst public health disasters in US history"

And you still think our current city leaders should remain in charge? Seriously?

Update: Roch Smith jr chimes in as well.