Wednesday, June 8, 2016

John Robert Kernodle III on Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and voting third party

"Anyone who tells you that not voting for Hillary is equivalent to a vote for Trump is relying on one of the oldest fallacies in our political system. The GOP does it too, you can see this in how folks on the right react to the NeverTrump folks. They rail about how not voting for the GOP nominee is the same as voting for Hillary.

It's a fallacy (it's called the wasted vote fallacy, but even without naming it - simple elementary logic demonstrates the fallacious nature of the claim). A non-vote or a vote for a third party is exactly what it says it is. To suggest otherwise is disingenuous.

So consider voting third party - there's a real chance a left wing third party could crack 5% of the national vote this election, and if that happened said third party could start running significant challengers for other offices besides President (thanks public funding!).

And if you are so disgusted, don't vote. I know a lot of people I respect can't handle that, but that's not on you - that's on them. You should never hurt yourself to make other people pretend to be nice to you.

And if you want to vote tactically for the Dems because you are legitimately afraid of the GOP, vote for Hillary. Just be honest about who and what you're willing to put into office. And don't treat people who don't come to the same conclusion like shit. There are enough moderate/conservative Democrats who like Hillary (not to mention the corporate media) who are already doing that. Don't be like them.

But whatever you do on any election day, you need to remember one thing. Voting for president might be one of the least important political actions you will ever take in your entire life. There is immediate work that needs to be done in our communities, because our political class doesn't have what it takes to stop some of the horrible shit heading our way.

So I say to all the Berners who genuinely believe in political revolution and the need for a movement - go join the movements in your hometowns that already exist, start new movements and learn how to be good allies to the folks who are most in need of help. Build local electoral coalitions so that you can push progressive agendas - it's been done before, more people are doing it.

Don't be discouraged because a right-technocrat and a right-populist are the two main candidates for President. And don't let anyone tell you that Coke and Pepsi are your only options, and that if you choose water you're basically just choosing Pepsi anyway.

Don't let someone else's fragile sense of self dictate your political life (or any other aspect of your life, at that).

‪#‎NeverReadyForHillary‬ ‪#‎NoVotesForWarCriminals‬ ‪#‎DitchTheDems‬"