Thursday, June 16, 2016

Margaret Moffett and Steven Doyle are probably not going to report Nancy Vaughan lying to her constituents at the News and Record

What used to be our local paper of record isn't anymore.  These folks have reduced themselves to be willing pawns of Greensboro's elite and Warren Buffett.  In the last few days, it has come to light that our mayor lied about her representation and who was going to pay for it before last year's election.

Thanks to attorney, non-profit ceo/taxpayer thief/extortionist Mike Barber, the opposition to last year's redistricting law suit is now being redefined by Margaret Moffitt again.  Like it did in the first place, the redistricting battle again looks like a move to retain power, as opposed to some kind of major evil of racism. Now it's just about saving money?

For all City Council's African American contingent racial objections to the proposal, leaving a few to compete with each other for individual seats, I havn't seen a peep out of Justin Outling, Sharon Hightower, Yvonne Johnson, Marikay Abuzuaiter or Jamal Fox on the 'offensiveness' of Mike Barber now defending the premise of Earl Jones and Skip Alston's lawsuit.

Hypocrites bowing out all over town. Brooks, Pierce, McLendon, Humphrey & Leonard LLP's Justin Outling needs to have no part of the discussion as his law firm has made a mint from city taxpayers on the redistricting fiasco. Margaret probably won't report anything about Justin's take from his firm on that one as well.

Most of our news sources suck. Mike Barber likes it that way. So does Nancy Vaughan. So does Justin Outling. So does Zack Matheny. The News and Record let crooks take over our city