Thursday, June 23, 2016

New home sales weak; past joy revised lower for the last three months

Notice how the chart starts at 460 at the bottom left;

The 551 number will probably be revised lower later

The numbers before April have already been revised a couple of times

The chart is a bit misleading by not having a zero in the bottom left, as it over-accentuates the differences

Missing the initial number by 33,000 homes seems extreme for the month before, but it's the norm

Good news on the most publicized reporting day, and then more reality based info after most won't bother looking

That's how banana republics work, like the way the public was told Greensboro needed a water tax increase without saying so, and then moving the money into what they really want to spend it on later when most aren't looking

Where do most think all the water sewer handouts to campaign contributions come from?

Most wouldn't think water tax increases, because they aren't told so by people like Margaret Moffett, Joe Killian, John Hammer, Susan Ladd and our esteemed leaders who steal from the poor to give to patrons

The press doesn't report it, and the masses take it on the chin without knowing

Now Killian's wife, a former City reporter, works for the City

They have the propaganda under control for our oligarchs via their paid for pawns