Tuesday, June 7, 2016

"On a day when nobody voted, AP among others [cheated by declaring] Hillary Clinton Dem victor

"...The decree, issued the night before the California primary ...was based on the media organization’s survey of “superdelegates”: the Democratic Party’s 720 insiders, corporate donors and officials whose votes for the presidential nominee count the same as the actually elected delegates. AP claims that superdelegates who had not previously announced their intentions privately told AP reporters that they intend to vote for Clinton, bringing her over the threshold.

AP is concealing the identity of the decisive superdelegates who said this.

They got on the phone as I understand it, 
and started hounding superdelegates to tell them in an anonymous way who they were voting for. 

The night before the largest primary, biggest primary in the whole process, 
they make this announcement

So I was really disappointed in what The AP did.

Bernie Sanders

This is the perfect symbolic ending to the Democratic Party primary: The nomination is consecrated by a media organization...based on secret discussions with anonymous establishment insiders and donors whose identities the media organization – incredibly – conceals.

Otherwise known as cheating

The decisive edifice of superdelegates ...rallying behind a Wall-Street-funded, status-quo-perpetuating, multi-millionaire militarist – is grim in the extreme...

Glenn Greenwald
The Intercept
Last night, the American public witnessed the most egregious example of mainstream media malpractice of my lifetime. By declaring Hillary Clinton the Democratic nominee based on the pledges of superdelegates who have not voted, and will not vote until the convention on July 25th, the Associated Press performed a huge disservice to American democracy on the eve of a major primary day, in which voters from the most populous state in the union (amongst others) head to the polls. If you are a U.S. citizen and you aren’t outraged by this, there’s something seriously wrong with you.

...Journalistic Malpractice

...the AP from the very beginning was including super delegates in a way that was intentionally misleading.

...In calling the nomination for Hillary, the Associated Press had to get commitments from a few more super delegates. They achieved that feat yesterday evening (mind you, they still haven’t actually voted), and they kept the names anonymous...

...virtually all mainstream media proclaiming the same thing in a unified chorus...

...Particularly outrageous was the unethical conduct of the largest newspapers in California, where 1.5 million new voters have registered since January 1. California is an open primary, meaning Independents can vote. ...the massive new voter registrations and the tens of thousands who have turned out for Sanders’ rallies, was signaling a potential upset for Clinton in the state.

...The Los Angeles Times...with a daily readership of 1.4 million,” was one of the most egregious in their reporting. After running the headline “Hillary Clinton Clinches Nomination in a Historic First,” it then ran an article that asked in the headline: “After AP calls nomination for Clinton, will voters still turn out Tuesday?”

This is a paper that’s supposed to represent and inform Californians. There’s only one word that comes to mind: disgusting. Particularly so when you see the polling numbers for independents in California.

...The Associated Press and virtually all other mainstream media declared Hillary Clinton the winner of the Democratic primary on the eve of a huge voting day with 694 pledged delegates at stake. They declared her the winner on a day in which no American primaries or caucuses were held, and via word of mouth from a handful of anonymous superdelegates.

...it’s certainly not journalism."