Thursday, June 16, 2016

Rhino Times; "[Guilford County's] budget is expected to give 40,000 to Downtown Greensboro Inc."

After all the crookedness of what has occurred regarding DGI, by providing money to Zack Matheny and friends, Guilford County's commissioners will own whatever DGI does downtown.

The taxpayer funded handouts to DGI board members and friends who funded political campaigns.

The next time Zack gets in trouble for whatever.


These folks know DGI is crooked, they know there is pay to play and cronyism, and they intend to fund the organization anyway.

Well OK, but now it's an overt act to prop up an organized pilfering club, and whatever happens with DGI and Zack Matheny etc... is on Jeff Phillips, Ray Trapp, Alan Branson, Kay Cashion, Carolyn Coleman, Justin Conrad, Carlvena Foster, Hank Henning and Alan Perdue's heads.

If you are signing up for the ride, be aware of what the risks are, as you will be responsible for funding an irresponsible organization of self dealing business and property owners who have a consistent history of skimming taxpayer money flows.