Thursday, June 30, 2016

Say Yes To Education-- The E-mails: Part 1

I sent the following e-mail to 3 members of the Guilford County School Board, Guilford County Board of Commissioners and Greensboro City Council just this morning:
"I've chosen the 3 of you not because I blame you personally but because you are in the habit of actually reading my e-mails. Apparently your contemporaries don't think a website with 65,000 readers and over 20 dedicated professionals volunteering behind the scenes is worth bothering with. I trust you'll pass this along and correct them immediately.  ;-)

You see, I'm the only one with a fake high school diploma. Most of the others have more education and expertise in your very own fields than any of you have-- thus the reasons they were recruited.

I trust all of you will forward this to the respective members of your councils and boards.

I don't understand. Schools teach students to be careful about what they post to the Internet because it can be used against them when they go looking for a job. But when people and corporations are hired to look over Millions of Dollars in taxpayer monies the people who hire them can't seem to take the time to google them to see how well they are doing elsewhere?

Or could it be a case that Guilford County Schools, Guilford County and the City of Greensboro knew all along and ignored the truth. Well allow me to put it this way. There exists e-mails warning you it was going to happen before you voted to spend over 20 Million dollars of your money.

How do I know this to be true? Because I was BCC'd the e-mails. And yes, I still have them all and am prepared to destroy the entire local political establishment.

So who tells the truth first-- me or your respective boards?

-Billy Jones
Candidate for Mayor of Greensboro 2017 "

So who will be the first to come clean?

Come back for Say Yes To Education-- The E-mails: Part 2