Tuesday, June 21, 2016

What does this mean?

You are not going to be told.

You are going to pay for it though.

Anything that goes wrong, all the upkeep, all the long term costs, plus now the new one right next door.

It's a gift which will take for years to come.

Congratulations Roy Carroll and Jim Melvin

Roy will now enjoy everyone else paying for his front yard forever

It's a good way to sell a lot of condos

That being said, I don't see how you can keep the public out after 11pm or whatever time Roy and Jim used to have 

I suppose throwing homeless people out of our new downtown parks is about to get a little touchy

If my taxes own it now on top of taking care of it, so does everyone else's

Corporate welfare is alive and well in Greensboro, North Carolina

City Council went through what the long term costs are going to be, right?

. .
Our sold out press is too stupid to figure out the financial ramifications 

Don't expect any epiphanies from Margaret in the near future

That's not how the game works