Friday, June 3, 2016

What is Donald Trump going to say about today's employment report described as "Weak, Sour, Soft, Disappointing, Fell Sharply, Far Short, Sharp Fall, Just 38,000, Stalls, Bombshell etc..."

The unemployment rate tumbled to 4.7%, the lowest since August 2007, 
driven entirely by a massive exodus of people from the labor force

Is he going to tell the truth?

Economists had forecast payrolls rising by 164,000 in May and the unemployment rate falling to 4.9 percent.

Mr. Trump has already said we are in bad shape.

Will he be able to admit the world's central banks took over financial market price discovery?

The change in total nonfarm payroll employment for March
 was revised from +208,000 to +186,000, 
and the change for April was revised from +160,000 to +123,000. 

With these revisions, 
employment gains in March and April combined were 59,000 less than previously reported.

Can he admit a goodly chunk of government statistics used to pacify the populace, are manipulated to support social stability and economic stagnation
as opposed to letting markets held up on monetary heroin fall?

Can Donald say the markets are rigged as much as our political process, or has he already and the story was ignored?
We are being lied to; According to the NC Commerce Department, there were 5,845 layoffs announced through all of 2015, but 7,453 through May, 2016

Once again Triangle Business Journal Staff Writer Lauren K. Ohnesorge misleads readers and the public on North Carolina layoff statistics

Why would a non-governmental agency say job losses are much worse than the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports?

Statistical Propaganda?

Could some who follow statistical irregularities, take advantage of relative unawareness of the many, prior to collective realization?