Sunday, June 5, 2016

"Where Will You Be When the End Game Begins?"; The End Game Already Began Somewhere around the Tech Bubble burst of 1999 and 2000

"Like an intricate and interwoven design made entirely of standing dominoes, all it takes is a slight disturbance to knock [a piece] of the financial economy] one off its base and start the cascade of toppled consequences running down the line [just like 2000 and 2008 and now].

...sometime later, a specific projectile [may] be (most likely falsely) identified as the blunt instrument which tore economic flesh asunder and quickly bled the system of ‘liquidity’ faster than a slash to the femoral artery.

Like last Friday's employment report

If local consumers 
are prevented from borrowing more money from the financial industry
or see gas prices going up while employment falls...

Too late to make a difference, tourniquets will be applied to stem the red tide. Sadly, all it will accomplish is to extend economic life long enough to enable a final frenzy of looting...

2000 bubble, different 2008 bubble,
the same only different 2016 bubble, except this one is by far the biggest

...a compromised entity already deathly ill, continuously pumped with toxic drugs and stimulants, stressed beyond compare by various Rube Goldberg financial devices, constantly monitored and regulated to assure compliance to artificial standards no natural system would ever adhere to, is always one disturbance away from disaster.

Negative interest rates, money printing and lending to many 
who most likely will be unable to repay as job losses mount is where we are now

Thus the stage is set for the dark thirty triggering event.

Maybe a presidential candidate getting shot?

Maybe a Hillary indictment?

The world's Feds won't let financial markets correct
until they can't do it anymore as too many understand the fraud

While several likely scenarios can be put forward regarding the sequence of events that might follow the triggering (as well as the trigger itself) the precise chain of events is ultimately of little importance since millions of fingers are resting on the trigger and trillions of dominoes await their inevitable fall...

...a long term mass casualty event of such strength and scope as to be inconceivable, therefore impossible, for the average cloistered mind to comprehend.

Just like 2000, 9/11 and 2008

...Into the valley of death rode the [most of Earth's human population]

...where we are headed is not where we want to be.

...If the community, already dealing with great stress and turmoil, finds ‘us’ of less value than our ‘stuff’, they will take our stuff and leave our rotting carcass behind.

Which is why downtown Greensboro most likely won't make it
as a viable economic zone for mostly white suburbanites
as it sits immediately next door to one of NC's most poverty stricken areas
which is turning into a bigger shooting gallery than it already is

...One must be willingly deaf, dumb and blind not to hear the propaganda on the boob tube, understand the game theory being played out and see the bleak writing on the wall.

[Greensboro's] controlling regime, whether it is defined as the elite, the one percent, shadow government, deep state, corpocracy, fascism or whatever label we use to mindlessly identify, compartmentalize and thereby cognitively diminish, will use any and all means at its disposal to defend itself when it perceives itself under attack. And the term ‘attack’ is loosely defined to encompass any perceived danger real, imaginary or falsely concocted.

Mike Barber's taxpayer funded First Tee, Justin Outling's law firm, 
Tony Wilkin's Art Pope and John Hood hate bus, 
Nancy and Don Vaughan's methane take, Nancy Hoffmann's DGI take, 
Zack Matheny and his clients on the board who put him there
to raise money from Greensboro's taxpayers to line pockets etc...

...never underestimate the time, energy and effort seemingly intelligent and worldly people will invest in constructing an alternative reality they wish to believe in. As a corollary, never underestimate the time, energy and effort an oppressive and controlling regime will invest in promoting an alternative reality the population wishes to believe in.

Nancy Vaughan and the rest of City Council
wants you to believe everything is going to be okay
as long as Zack and friends makes money 

A self deluded populace is more easily controlled and directed than one whose sticks and stones, when used in anger, may break the elite’s bones. If the population wants to believe in fairy tales, give them fairy tales they can love, honor, cherish and defend. If they don’t, convince them they should believe by any means possible.

A Performing Arts Center approved by City Council without a referendum
with Accounting Control Fraud provided by City Staff and paid for consultants
while baiting the population with misdirection with a bond referendum
which looks to line the pockets of contributors with rental properties in East Greensboro

...Problem, reaction, solution is their trade craft, the government bureaucracy their blunt instrument, a corrupted legislature the enabler and creator of the unconstitutional and immoral laws, a co-opted and controlled press their sympathetic choir and the judiciary the final fraudulent arbiter of the chains that bind. Make no mistake about it, every ‘government’ at war with its people makes certain its actions are ‘just and lawful’, particularly when they are patently not.

Greensboro has the best, openly co-opted press in North Carolina
thanks to Roy Carroll and Warren Buffett
who have their publications overlook their own transgressions
while highlighting the faults of competitors
while Susan Ladd tries to save nature preserves as distraction

...Clearly the rapidly increasing capacity of the powers-that-be to surveil, subvert, suppress, subdue, subsume and slaughter is self evident to all but those who are desperate not to see. Or, in what is more likely the case, are either paid not to see or wish to continue to be paid if blindness is feigned and cooperation assured.

Greensboro's City Council and Staff are paid to not see what they should
not for the benefit of our community, 
but for the benefit of their benefactors behind the curtain of the OZ machine

...the controlling elite are expert at employing propaganda and psychological operations to turn Jane against Joe, thereby minimizing the effectiveness of the opposing force.

...Organized revolution requires both the will and a way. And by ‘way’ I mean money. Any money procured by, or offered to, a resistance always comes with strings attached. Often the money comes directly from the controlling elite itself via back channels designed to subvert, misdirect or implode the resistance. Or it might come from an enemy of the Empire, thereby making you a proxy and not an independent force. Someone’s bitch, plain and simple.

...If you have any moral qualms with using the methods of Empire against the Empire, this fight isn’t for you.

...Ninety percent of the population is hopelessly compromised, whether spiritually, morally, medically or pharmaceutically, psychologically, financially or ideologically. To believe otherwise is to engage in self deception. The vast majority will never oppose the Empire in any consistent or meaningful way.

Greensboro the words of Morpheus, “You have to understand. Most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so helplessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it.” ...While the puppeteers are a relative few, they leverage the minds of millions far more effectively than if the bodies were simply cannon fodder.

...Those compromised by the system will beg the corrupt system to save them from the collapsing system, an errand vigorously pursued by unprepared and panicked fools along with the ever present groveling sycophants.

Desperate men do desperate things.

Like stealing from taxpayers via bought and paid for Council members 

...Those pursuing a plan of divide and conquer while reaping the spoils will not panic when it’s playing out as expected.

The greatest danger to us and our loved ones is ...our refusal to deal frankly and honestly with our own personal shortcomings and denial. Our unwillingness to soberly assess ourselves and our surroundings circumvent any proactive response by us to a worsening situation.

...To believe one can effectively time their escape to greener pastures just ahead of the initial imposition of the financial lockdown is not dealing with reality, other than one produced by the self deceived.

...all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. I do not propose nothing be done.

...The ugly, and self evident truth is the vast majority of us wish to partake of the spoils of Empire while denying Empire and the means by which it acquires the spoils. ...We pontificate about high moral aspirations while decrying the despicable greed and self interest of the elite and powerful. Yet our perceived ‘enlightened’ self interest dictates our own (in) action even if it ultimately undermines us as well as our family and friends.

Who are we kidding if not our ‘self’?

...To change the world I must first change myself. To approach this in any other manner is to adopt the techniques and mindset we decry as dishonest, disingenuous and corrupt. break from the herd and look squarely in the mirror requires a fearless self examination and assessment, precisely what we are conditioned to avoid at all costs in our mindless pursuit of self absorbed consumerism. The promoted myth is simple enough; when we exit the education indoctrination system the only remaining items left to pursue are specific skills required to further our ‘career’, which in turn provides the money to pay the debts that support the self destructive consumer lifestyle.

Turning our back on this meme and consciously choosing a life ...not aligned with the bargain we struck with the system back when we entered grade school all those years ago [is turning your back on most of what you were told to believe]"