Wednesday, July 27, 2016

BLM Aycock/Minnesota

The following e-mail and accompanying attachment was sent this morning to members of the Guilford County School Board:

"Good Morning!
I uplifted this last night at the community meeting about doing more than just a name change for Aycock . I feel as a school district we are overdue for policies that specifically target and protect African American children. This doesn't eliminate institutional racism but it does acknowledge that all children don't have the same access and privilege in our schools. Our district isn't colorblind and the data has been presented numerous times to confirm that. Our policies should reflect that we as a community understand that for African American children, in Guilford County, have a lower life expectancy, higher suspension rate, lower GPA, are passed through grades unable to read and write, targeted by SRO's, targeted by police, stereotyped by staff, punished for lack of parental involvement, and that our system like all the others, even with the best of intentions.. has created a waiting list for the school to prison pipeline. I urge you to please review the document below and the link. The school board recently passed a resolution repealing HB2 to protect trans children in our schools. However I would be remiss if I didn't share with you that why we took a stand against discrimination of trans children , that policy really doesn't address the issues that black Trans children of color face in our school district. They truly are a minority within a minority. I would like to recommend to the board that research and proposals be created that show a commitment and acknowledgement regarding institutional racism. Also I feel that conversation and dialogue should happen regarding transitioning to a restorative justice School District. African American children represent the majority in Guilford County Schools. As a school board you vote as a majority to pass motions as well as the decisions that you make reflect what's best for the majority of children and staff in our schools. Our policies currently don't reflect what the majority actually is in our schools. I implore you to further review and make the necessary changes and addendums as you see fit.
Thank you
Byron Gladden"


I have shared it without comment so that readers may think for themselves. After all, we all know something must be done.