Saturday, July 23, 2016

City Council Lied, again; "City of Greensboro moving forward to supply utilities to megasite"

Roy Carroll is now on the NC Railroad board

"The city plans to start buying easements and rights of way next month for water and sewer routes that will run through southeastern Guilford County to the Greensboro-Randolph Megasite...

Know why your water and sewer rates went up?

Westmoreland expects it will take months to negotiate with individual property owners, and will cost about $2 million — $800,000 for sewer and $1.2 million for water..."

Greensboro and Guilford County water and sewer customers 
are paying for Roy Carroll's profit, after he hurt our state
by supporting HB2 with campaign cash for pols after it passed

Greensboro and Guilford County water and sewer customers 
have been lied to, and are now paying for this crony capitalist fiasco


"Days after CSX snub, Indian manufacturer announces N.C. layoffs

The entire industry is slowing,
eliminating the need for more manufacturing facilities

Days after CSX confirmed it was moving its intermodal hub plans from Selma to Rocky Mount, economic development officials were dealt another blow in Johnston County as a decades-long employer notified the state that it's likely shuttering a manufacturing plant.

Indian auto parts maker Sona BLW Precision Forge, which manufactures gear and axle components for heavy-duty vehicles, told the state it could be shutting down its Selma manufacturing site by Sept. 18. The move would mean 168 job cuts..."

'Visionaries' all