Sunday, July 31, 2016

D shill Joe Killian; "For Republicans in search of a party, try the Democrats"

"...I was shocked to be standing in the Wells Fargo Center, surrounded by delegates waving American flags..."

Warren Buffett owns 10% of Wells Fargo along with Joe and the N & R 

The thunderous applause within the arena — tears in the eyes of many delegates as they waved flags, veterans in the crowd saluting — was overwhelming.

What about the Sanders' delegate walk outs?

What about all the empty seats?

“Why this convention is better: It’s about loving America,” wrote Jonah Goldberg, the editor of conservative staple National Review on Twitter. “GOP convention was about loving Trump. If you didn’t love Trump, it offered nada.”

Establishment R = Establishment D

What the Democratic convention ended up doing masterfully, whatever you make of the party’s politics or goals, was to reach out to the middle — to unaffiliated voters, conservative Democrats, even disaffected Republicans embarrassed to have Trump as their standard bearer.

In their speeches, President Barack Obama and Clinton assimilated what was best, most bipartisan and appealing about former President Ronald Reagan: the hope, the optimism, the belief in America’s (already established and continued) greatness and exceptionalism.

To a convention center with masses of empty seats,
with local 'actors' hired to sit in some apparently,
which Joe Killian failed to report, as a reporter, 
which kind of makes him more of a 'Susan Ladd' non-reporter, 
but propagandist for News and Record owner Berkshire Hathaway
which is actively working to elect someone who violated our national security,
cheated to win the nomination and took foreign contributions to her foundation
in exchange for appropriated goodies from the State Department while Hillary was secretary

That spirit was nowhere to be found in Cleveland a week earlier.

Always and never are two words 
which should always be thought of as never to be said, 
which also includes "nowhere"

The Republican convention in Cleveland seemed largely a celebration of ...a coming-out party for the darkest, most paranoid, least nuanced sort of politics one can brew at home in a bathtub.

Not one mention of Bernie Sanders in Joe Killian's opinion piece

"The Democratic convention — with all of its tensions, missteps and imperfections — offered something else.

And it offered it to everyone."

Joe Killian
From the comments;

The D's offered an unindicted criminal let off the hook by Obama's Justice Department and FBI.

The D's offered more of the same, including my healthcare deductible and skimming from Wall Street which you won't report, as you are a part of the establishment working for Warren Buffett.

No one went to jail in the aftermath of the financial crises Joe Killian, and you are openly rooting for the folks who let them off the hook.

Catch Eric Holder's speech?

How about Mike Bloomberg's? His news organization uncovered multiple crimes committed by most of the top bank executives and didn't report it, which benefited Warren Buffett which benefits you, who didn't report crimes currently committed while families in our community are being lied to on their monthly financial statements.