Saturday, July 2, 2016

Doug Clark opposes local elites losing control over local elections
"It is the intent of the General Assembly 
to provide for even-numbered year municipal elections, 
effective with the 2020 election cycle."

So says Senate Bill 667, passed in a flurry of legislative activity this week.

...Just like that, the legislature has decided that all cities and towns will have to move their elections to this new cycle starting in 2020.

...It's much better to hold city elections in odd-numbered years when local issues can concentrate voters' attention (even if relatively few choose to vote).

I respectfully disagree as more voters voting 
is better than fewer voters voting

Besides, what's wrong with local folks deciding for themselves when to hold their city or town elections?"

Because crooked business folks like to buy politicians 
as the local press looks on with total lack of consciousness

Doug Clark is part of the problem

He's for campaign contributors walking with taxpayer funded 'incentives'
by not pointing out which 'donors' paid how much to whom

Want some examples Doug?

Who got the free taxpayer funded tickets?

I found three municipalities which Say Yes hired a high ranking employee
to run the local scholarship scheme

Doug hasn't even asked a question

Joe Killian, who used to cover the City, is now married to Amanda, who used to cover the City, who now works for the City, while her former editor Margaret Moffett covers the City

I showed Amanda how Wells Fargo misleads their clients and she and her superiors chose not to investigate or inform our community

Doug Clark knows all about it, like how Joe and Susan Ladd chose not to report how the City's employees are getting skimmed by ICMA-RC

Jim Westmoreland and Jamal Fox are members of ICMA

Mr Clark has betrayed our community with lies of omission

For what used to be a journalist, it doesn't get any worse than that