Sunday, July 17, 2016

Faux tree hugger radical "Susan Ladd: Commissioners shouldn't supercede Parks and Rec Commission"

"The good news about the future of the Rich Fork Preserve is that there finally is going to be action on a plan.

The bad news? It’s the wrong action by the wrong group at the wrong time for the wrong reasons.

The bad news is Susan Ladd is an untrustworthy non-journalist
who steps up for her own partisan pet causes regardless of the facts
which she spins to support whatever her die hard supporters push

If you felt a little lightheaded after reading the comments from Guilford County Commissioners Jeff Phillips and Alan Branson in Wednesday’s newspaper, that may have been because of the extreme spin they put on this issue.

Susan Ladd is a propagandist 
who won't go after real wrongdoing in our community
while dissing anyone who disagrees with her extreme views

Phillips, who is the chairman of the Board of Commissioners, said the commissioners would make a decision on the preserve without receiving a recommendation from the Guilford County Parks and Recreation Commission — contrary to standard procedure — because that group had failed to make a recommendation despite debating it for months.

Sounds like a good idea for Phillips to step in 
after Parks and Rec couldn't decide, but that's beside the point for Susan

But as Parks and Recreation Commission member Dick Feulner said during the public comment period of Thursday’s county commissioners meeting, “The problem is not with the Parks and Recreation Commission. The problem is with the county staff.”

Which is a good reason for Phillips and friends to step in

...The debate about Rich Fork has been going on for more than a year, but most of it has taken place among Parks and Recreation Department staff and various community stakeholders. The primary point of contention is the inclusion of mountain bike trails on the nature preserve, which runs contrary to stated goals of the county’s Open Space Program, going back 15 years.

Susan Ladd appears to very dislike mountain bikers, 
nd anyone who remotely disagrees with her on anything

Remember Say Yes Susan?  

Haven't written much about it after you told Guilford County's school kids 
they would all have thier college tuition fully paid for by an unsustainable legal Ponzi scheme

...Having failed to railroad the outcome behind the scenes, commissioners are going to step in and do it themselves, while casting aspersions on the Parks and Recreation Commission.

What 'aspersions'?


1:  a sprinkling with water especially in religious ceremonies

a :  a false or misleading charge meant to harm someone's reputation 
<cast aspersions on her integrity>
b :  the act of making such a charge

The commissioners probably will use this highly engineered fiasco to install new members for that group who are willing to rubber-stamp the staff’s every proposal instead of answering to the communities they serve.

aspersion; a false or misleading charge meant to harm someone's reputation 
<cast aspersions on her integrity>
b :  the act of making such a charge

The News and Record is allowing Susan is just make stuff up
without consequence

...Is this an another effort to make the parks commission look bad? Or is the Parks and Recreation staff’s holding back these plans for some other reason?

aspersion; a false or misleading charge meant to harm someone's reputation 
<cast aspersions on her integrity>
b :  the act of making such a charge

...Herb Goins, who lives adjacent to the section of the preserve where an illegal mountain bike course has been built, wants a buffer that will ensure privacy and safety for property owners...

So it's happening anyway

We need to ban trucks because they kill people,
after which the population will continue to drive trucks and carry guns, illegally 

This is the first plan for a nature preserve done entirely by the county parks staff members hired in 2014, and the result is as sloppy and vague as the process they followed.

aspersion; a false or misleading charge meant to harm someone's reputation 
<cast aspersions on her integrity>
b :  the act of making such a charge

Every county resident should be concerned about the handling of Rich Fork for several reasons:
If the parks staff is not held to professional standards and protocols for public input on this property, there’s no reason to believe it’ll do any better with the rest of the 14 preserves.

Pot meet kettle

If mountain biking is allowed at Rich Fork, you can bet that mountain biking and other active sports will be allowed at other preserves.

If you smoke pot, you will most likely be a child molester

If you are gay, you most likely want to have sex with heterosexuals

Same shit bigots and pharma backers use to convince the public, 
except this one is Susan's version of the same thing, only different,
which makes Ladd an extremist of a alternate variety
and her editors let her do it 

If the county commissioners are going to override the promises made to voters in regard to how the bond money was going to be used, voters have no assurance that won’t happen again.

Happens all the time, but Susan won't report it,
as Greensboro's City Council is full of her supporters, 
which makes her a major hypocrite along with her employer

For county commissioners to subvert the democratic process by manipulating board members — or bypassing altogether the board they appointed — is not the kind of governance Guilford County residents expect or deserve.''

We don't deserve Susan Ladd dishonest prose

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