Saturday, July 23, 2016

"Hillary has made an uncharacteristically dangerous political choice in Kaine"

"When Wall Street calls, Hillary listens. 

And when rumors abounded a few months ago that Clinton was considering the Bernie-friendly, enemy-of-the-banks Elizabeth Warren, Wall Street made it clear in the mainstream media that Warren was not an option.

While Hillary was throwing up her hands in exasperation at the mere suggestion that all the money she had taken from Wall Street over the years would impede her ability to make good on her policy to reform Wall Street, Wall Street was not interested in playing along with her “They don’t control me!” narrative. The mere suggestion of Warren as a running mate was shot down, despite the awkward inferences.

...She didn’t even go with a progressive on banks or on anything else for that matter. In two great big fingers to the progressive left, she picked Tim Kaine, who recently went in to bat for Wall Street asking for even less regulation.

...He is also a hawkish war advocate, an anti-abortion Catholic; relentlessly pro-TPP, going so far as to call opponents “losers”...

Hillary Clinton has chosen to deflate her campaign and hurt the Democrats’ efforts to win the White House in order to appease Wall Street...

...Wall Street has made it very clear who runs things, and it’s not the will of the people. It’s not even the president. In the most blatant act of domination and corruption, in the broad, broad daylight of the mainstream media, Wall Street issued an outrageous order to a presidential candidate, an order that was not in the best interest of her, her campaign, or the country; and she didn’t even put up a fight.

We can consider the rest of her policies redundant now too. As Obama said in 2008, she will say anything and do nothing."