Sunday, July 10, 2016

In times of economic volatility do the wealthy fight to preserve the status quo as some rich become poor giving some underprivileged a chance to prosper?

A good hanging tends to focus the mind

Roy Bean
Justice of the Peace & Saloonkeeper

If an average Japanese top executive
receives about 3 times as much as average salaried employees
while British senior management takes in about 39 times the average
is it in the best interest of shareholders or management
if American executives get more than 300 times the average worker’s salary?

Any system produces winners and losers

If the gap between them gets too great
the losers will organize themselves politically
and seek to recast the existing system within nations and between them

Henry Kissinger

Have most revolts been instigated by some with less who want more
against those with more?

What could happen if a generation
of underemployed, underpaid, educated and indebted young adults
became disillusioned by their elders’ financial mismanagement
and sought to identify and punish those responsible?