Monday, July 11, 2016

John Robinson; "The war on the news media"

The mainstream 'news media' doesn't report the news

They let local oligarchs rule

Same at the national level, only bigger money

Our local media is compromised

They gave a pass to a presidential candidate who got let off for multiple felonies

Doesn't get more crooked than that

Say Yes to Education

They let the financial industry pilfer the population without consequence

They don't do their jobs anymore

Most are financially illiterate

They are for campaign contributors walking with taxpayer funded 'incentives'
by not pointing out which 'donors' paid how much to whom

Joe Killian, who used to cover the City, is now married to Amanda, who used to cover the City, who now works for the City, while her former editor Margaret Moffett covers the City

I showed Amanda how Wells Fargo misleads their clients and she and her superiors chose not to investigate and/or inform our community

Same with Marc Sutter at the Triad Business Journal

The bigs at the News and Record know all about it, like how Joe and Susan Ladd chose not to report how the City's employees are getting skimmed by ICMA-RC

Journalistic cowardice is why the 'media' is held with such low esteem