Friday, July 22, 2016

Karen D. Spigner: Bring Back The Benches

From a post by Karen D. Spigner at Greater Greensboro Politics:

It seems that in light of other Police Departments trying to come together in communities Greensboro Police insist on creating further distance between members of the community and themselves.

I live work and socialize in the downtown community I pay quite a bit of  money to utilize the GTA Public Transportation System, I utilize the Amtrak and I shop and eat in the downtown area. 

Imagine my surprise when me and a few other seniors decided to have lunch at the depot only to find that all of the tables and benches were removed because the police or the security do not want to do their jobs by enforcing safety at the Depot Square. Do I have to mention that many of the people who utilize this area are mainly African American

I received a call from the City Managers Community Relations office and am informed that the Greensboro City Police are trying to prevent some who are obvious troublemakers from hanging around. But what about those of us who are tax paying citizens, pay good money for the resources of the Depot and are being penalized by a few bad apples. Oh Did I mention most of use who utilize this resource are African Americans.

Put the benches back, accept the Urbaness of Greensboro and tell security staff to do their damn job