Saturday, July 30, 2016

Possible Bernie Sanders write in campaign? "Understanding why populist fires are still 'Berning'

...“My support still remains with Bernie Sanders,” the 21 year old Westchester, New York native and college student said. He added that their cause to have Sanders as the nominee is not unrealistic, nor outside of reality...

He doesn’t see his unwavering support as childish or immature. He stresses that because of this movement away from the establishment, he has got his entire family involved in politics, registering some who have never voted before.
“I mean that is part of fulfilling the dream right? To participate, to be heard. Yes I understand that he did not win, but I also understand that the system stacked the odds against him,” he said.

Salazar said that is the rub that history will never know.

Maybe not

On Tuesday evening, Sanders' name was barely mentioned outside of the roll call vote — as if he never existed — when Clinton clinched the nomination. After a tearful moment when Sanders read the final delegate count from his home state of Vermont, many of his delegates exited from the convention hall in a demonstration against the moment.

...Chaos in the hall and in the endless, enormous street protests have been the defining moment of excitement at this event — the energy has clearly been against Clinton not for her — largely because of the revelations that the party establishment had conspired against Sanders.

We can vote for whomever we want,
as opposed to the impression of only two choices

In 2008, Barack Obama faced a similar dilemma with unhappy Hillary supporters in an equally contentious primary cycle — but there is a striking difference: Clinton’s supporters were loyal to the party, Sanders supporters are not.

Then why not vote for him?

We are facing a fascinating moment in American politics, where comments and warnings from the establishment like, “If you don’t vote for Hillary Clinton, you are giving your vote to Donald Trump” doesn’t make people get in line.

For good reason

...“The Sanders voters already believed that the weight of the party establishment through the super delegate process tipped the scales for Clinton,”... “Now with the email leak they believe they have their smoking gun that the party committee itself had their thumb on the scale,”...

...When they see the emails and they think they know why they didn’t get their way. All things being equal, they’d have won like Obama and Trump.

But all things were not equal after all...

...but to them they feel legitimately suppressed and disenfranchised by a process they believed worked to shut them down...

Vote your conscience