Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Remember Sonny Vestal

Sonny Vestal's goons are busy throwing the personal property out of an East Greensboro home on Textile Drive this morning. This is the same address where Reginald Demarcus Wrenn was murdered in cold blood on November 3, 2012. Over a month later the liquor house that myself and neighbors had been complaining about for months was still operating there.

So how did we get the liquor house closed down? Then Police Chief Ken Miller personally went to the home and had the tenants removed for their own safety after he received a tip that a group of neighbors planned to burn down the house with them inside. How did he get the tip? I told him.

Since that time we've had great neighbors in that home. Yes, sometimes their German Shepherd dog opens the front door and gets out of the house but he isn't mean and I always run him back home-- no problem. It's just that the dog worships their little girl and goes searching for her when they take her away from home without him by her side.

Yes, the dog really does know how to unlock and open the door.

If you don't remember Sonny Vestal, perhaps you remember the recent artificial about when his daddy Gloyd Vestal murdered Angelo Pennisi. The paper of record called it The trial of a liftime.

Yes, they really did misspell lifetime in the title of their story but hey I mispell words too sometimes.

Sonny Vestal's name also came up a lot in the many stories about Heritage House-- the townhouses the City of Greensboro seized control of in 2014 because of unpaid water bills and excessive crime there. The numbers of Google results for Sonny Vestal Heritage House are staggering. And little good can be found.

People close to Sonny tell me he is no different than his daddy and just as dangerous.

But what I found most interesting about my neighbor's situation is this: She admits that she fell behind on the rent. She admits that an eviction notice was filed and properly served by the Guilford County Sheriff's Department. But when she went to Sonny Vestal's offices after scraping together all the money she could borrow-- $800 to be exact-- Sonny Vestal and company took her money and then locked her out of the house.

Now she, her mother and her daughter are living on Greensboro's streets.

Remember Sonny Vestal, this is what he does. He destroys homes, families and neighborhoods.

: 12:00 Noon. Vestal has allowed my neighbors to come back for 1 hour to remove as much as they can load into their cars and the cars of friends but still refuses to return the $800 he took after having evicted them from the home.

And they are powerless to fight him.