Monday, July 25, 2016

"Sanders delegates threaten challenge to Kaine"

"A group of Democratic delegates backing Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.) said Monday that they are actively exploring a challenge to Sen. Tim Kaine’s (Va.) vice presidential nomination.

Tim Kaine = Wall Street = Warren Buffett 
= Joe Killian probably won't report the story
from the Wells Fargo Center

"There's serious interest right now and exploration as we speak of a formal challenge with an alternative candidate," Norman Solomon, a Sanders delegate and national coordinator of the Bernie Delegates Network.

Warren Buffett owns the News and Record, Hillary Clinton,
about 10% of Wells Fargo and what most in Greensboro read and hear

The group, which is independent of the Sanders campaign, said it was actively polling its members, which include 1,250 of Sanders’s 1,894 delegates.

The group released a poll earlier this month that found that less than 3 percent of its supporters found Kaine acceptable.

Tim Kaine and the News and Record is for lying to Wells Fargo clients 
for Warren Buffett, Hillary Clinton and her other supporters

...Solomon said he hoped the DNC release information within hours on how to submit a challenger to Kaine, which he said would require the signature of 300 delegates."