Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Stuck In An Elevator

I got stuck in an elevator in the Melvin Municipal Building today. On the second floor right outside Mayor Vaughan's office. I pressed the call button but it didn't work. Barely got through to the 911 operator on my cell phone.

The closest fire department was out on a call so I had to wait on the next closest. When they got there, their elevator keys wouldn't fit the newly installed elevator I was stuck on.

There's no air conditioning in the new elevators. It was hot and sweaty.

The firefighters managed to crack the doors and let in some air while I continued to talk to the 911 operator.

Finally they found the right key but the doors still wouldn't open. Turns out you have to first shut off the power before you can force the doors open even with the key.

Looking through the crack I could see lots of people who were worried a lot more than I was worried. As a matter of fact: I wasn't worried at all. Like I told the 911 operator, they'll do a good job, they can't stand the bad publicity a lawsuit from a mayoral candidate would bring the City.

Besides, it was nothing compared to being stranded in a truck in North Dakota when the temperature is -40 below Zero.

All in all I had a good time and didn't even get a parking ticket even though my meter had expired by about an hour. Everyone did a great job and all turned out well.