Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Why did the Hartford Chapter of Say Yes close in June 2005?

Why did the Philadelphia Chapter close in 2000?

Why did the Cambridge, MA Chapter close in 2008?

If you graduate and get accepted to college, 
your tuition will be paid to the last dollar.

Susan Ladd
Greensboro's News and Record
to a random high school student

What happened to the New York, NY Chapter which opened in 2004?

"Say Yes to Education rode into Buffalo four years ago ...with the promise of free college tuition for students who graduate from high school.

Since then, the nonprofit organization aimed at improving urban education has helped send some 3,000 students to college...

...For every dollar Say Yes contributes, another $10 is awarded in public and private aid.

1 + 10 = 11

11 / 1 = about 9%?

How much wasn't covered?

...So far, Say Yes has raised more than $25 million to fund the endeavor.

I bet the writer of the article has never seen where the money is,
or how much of the money was pledged over time like Guilford Say Yes

Since 2013, Say Yes has paid out $4.8 million in scholarships to cover college costs for students who received a total of $48.8 million in state, federal and institutional aid.

...That’s a total of 2,947 students who received tuition money from Say Yes to start college the fall after graduation.

$4.8 million divided by 2,947 = $1,628 each since 2013

...Say Yes ...pledges free college tuition to a fourth class of Buffalo high school students that graduated in June."


How much is it going to cost next year?

How much has been spent on fundraising, outside consultants and investment management fees
relative to what is being paid out to students?

How much is Say Yes skimming off the top?

"...More than $17 million was raised locally for the program, which has committed to Buffalo for 20 years, Rust said. It will likely cost $100 million to fund the program for that long."

Business Journal

So if Buffalo doesn't raise another $75 million, the chapter becomes one of the closed shops?

"There are 1,996 Buffalo public and charter school graduates from the classes of 2013, 2014 and 2015 currently enrolled in college who received support services in high school, assistance to apply for college and/or scholarship aid from Say Yes Buffalo.

So how many students are currently receiving scholarships?

To-date the Say Yes Buffalo Scholarship Fund has spent $4.8 million on scholarships; that money helped leverage $48.8 million in additional aid from federal state and private institutional sources to support Say Yes Buffalo scholars."