Tuesday, August 16, 2016

About That Lawsuit

Yes, this is indeed an unusual way to announce that I am suing the City of Greensboro "but somehow I couldn't resist the fun of chasing them all just once around the parking lot."

My latest e-mail from Katherine Carter, Public Records Administrator, Communications and Marketing Department, City of Greensboro:
"Dear Billy,

Thank you for your public records request.  There are preexisting notes in the system to send you copies of the responses for PIRT 5309 and 5418, and I have added similar reminders also to PIRT 5754 and 5619, per your request.

I will be in touch with you once these requests have been finished.


Katherine Carter, Public Records Administrator

Communications and Marketing Department - 336-373-3282
City of Greensboro"

To which I joyfully replied:

"Ms Carter,
That's nice to know. Your e-mail will be saved as evidence for the lawsuit I filed just this morning against the City of Greensboro, Mayor Vaughan and Jim Hightower for failing to complete lawful and reasonable responses to public information requests.
Please inform City staff and City Council of the situation.
Or you can wait until their letters arrive via certified mail on Thursday.
Thanks again
-Billy Jones, candidate for Mayor of Greensboro, 2017"

The preexisting notes Ms Carter writes of simply adds to the body of evidence to be used against the City.

The EzGreensboro.com staff and I will be putting the lawsuit online soon.

We will not be played by the City of Greensboro any longer. We demand open and honest government! We now have the ways and means to drag them into court anytime we feel the urge. Currently I am suing Mayor Nancy Vaughan, City Manager Jim Westmoreland and the City of Greensboro. How many more will I have to drag to court? They will start truthfully replying to our public information requests and doing so in a timely fashion.

Note: Jim Hightower in the e-mail above should have been Jim Westmoreland. The court documents are addressed to Jim Westmoreland.

Update: Scanned images of the 3 envelopes showing the lawsuit was sent by Certified Mail.

Court documents as filed with Guilford County Superior Court.