Monday, August 29, 2016

Amanda Lehmert Written News Release: "City Offers 2016 Bond Referenda Educational Materials and Speakers"

"CITY OF GREENSBORO Contact: Carla Banks
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Phone: 336-373-3769

City Offers 2016 Bond Referenda Educational Materials and Speakers

GREENSBORO, NC (August 29, 2016) – The City of Greensboro is offering a variety of educational materials and speakers to help residents understand the bond referenda that will be on the ballot November 8.

Greensboro voters will decide whether to let the City borrow $126 million to pay for a variety of projects and programs. They will vote “yes” or “no” on four separate measures: $38.5 million in community and economic development bonds, $34.5 million in parks and recreation bonds, $28 million in transportation bonds, and $25 million in housing bonds. Early voting begins Oct. 20.

The City website contains detailed information about the referenda, including what projects and programs will be funded if voters approve the measures. Visit to review the information. Printed materials will also be available at recreation centers and other City facilities as of September 1.

City leaders and staff will be available to discuss the bond referenda with community groups. To arrange for someone to speak to your organization, please contact Carla Banks in the Communications Department at 336-373-3769."

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Amanda Lehmert, Communications Specialist
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HOUSING BONDS: $25 million

Projects may include housing or neighborhood revitalization programs or providing loans and grants to individuals, developers or other organizations.

...$3 million to repair approximately 120 homes that have been ordered to be fixed by the Minimum Housing Standards Commission.

How many of the homes are rental properties 
owned by City Council campaign contributors?

...$1.5 million in grants to provide emergency repairs for approximately 150 homes where residents have been poisoned with lead paint or there is no working heating system.

Same question as above

...$1 million for grants to homeowners or rental property owners to make handicapped accessibility improvements at approximately 80 homes.

Ballot Language; This is how this referendum will appear on your ballot:

Shall the order adopted on August 1, 2016, authorizing $25,000,000 HOUSING BONDS of the City of Greensboro, North Carolina, plus interest, for the purpose of providing funds, together with any other available funds, for acquiring, constructing, improving, rehabilitating and equipping multifamily and single family housing units in said City, principally for the benefit of persons of low and moderate income, including, without limitation, housing or neighborhood revitalization programs and the providing of loans, grants or other financial assistance to such persons and to developers and other public and private providers of housing, and providing that additional taxes may be levied in an amount sufficient to pay the principal of and interest on said bonds, be approved?

Doesn't say how much taxes would go up
by giving money away to slumlords and 'developers' 

Housing bond 1

[  ]  YES

[  ]  NO
"...$4.5 million to complete the South Elm Street Redevelopment Plan, including streetscape improvements and financial support for a rental complex of approximately 250 apartments.

Whose rental complex?

...$4 million to provide streetscape, water, sewer and stormwater improvements for infill redevelopment projects.

Whose infill projects?

$2 million for improvements to the Martin Luther King Jr. Drive redevelopment area, including street and stormwater improvements and financial support for approximately 250 mixed-income rental housing.

Whose project is it?

...$1 million to assist returning vacant lots in Ole Asheboro to single family homes for low and moderate income families. This project would affect approximately 20 homes."

Whose project would benefit?