Sunday, August 28, 2016

First News 2, Now Susan Ladd and the N&R Continue The Cover-up

The only way to make real change is to name the names of those who are responsible for the problems our society faces. Blaming our problems on races, groups, political parties and other nameless, faceless entities does nothing but stir controversy and fighting among ourselves with the problems never being solved. Let those responsible fear retribution for their evil actions and things will change for the better.

On August 25, 2015, well known local blogger and owner of, Roch Smith jr, published an article entitled WFMY fails to report problem apartments are owned by big city council campaign contributor in which he outed millionaire, H. Frank Auman, III as the owner of the Executive Center apartments on Summit Avenue:

"WFMY had two stories about poor conditions at Campus Crossing Apartments at Highlands, one by Hope Ford and the other by Chad Silber. While Silber mentions the corporation that owns the apartments, neither he nor Ford identify the people who own the corporation. Silber says the corporate owner is Signature Property Group; Guilford County property records say it is Campus Crossing, LLC. According to the North Carolina Secretary of State, both of those companies are headed by H. Frank Auman, III.
Auman is a frequent and generous campaign contributor to Greensboro City Council representatives. During the last city council election, in 2015, Auman gave to the following city council representatives:

Mike Barber; $500
Jamal Fox; $500
Nancy Hoffman; $1,000
Yvonne Johnson; $500

If the condition of rental property is so bad that it warrants news coverage, it is entirely appropriate to name the owner. When that owner is also a contributor to the elected officials who shape policy governing rental property, it matters even more."

Today, Susan Ladd of the News & Fishwrap writes Summit Executive Center shows reality of affordable housing but nowhere does she mention the name H. Frank Auman, III.

Why do you think that is?

Could it be because the Auman family is politically connected as pointed out by Mr Smith?

Might it be because the many businesses owned by the Auman family-- rental companies, property management, construction companies, pharmaceutical companies, movie companies, communication companies, etc-- spend large sums of money advertising with the News & Fishwrap?

Maybe it's the Auman family connections to the Steven Tanger Center they don't want you to know?

Could it be that Ms Ladd herself is less than credible, hiding behind being called an opinion columnist rather that being called a journalist? Perhaps she's on the take?

Writing opinion is one thing, but without a basis in fact, opinion means nothing. The four statements I made above really mean nothing until I discover facts to back them up but many will and do consider them as their own opinions.

And Ms Ladd's opinions bear little weight until she is willing to name the names of those who are responsible for the problems our society faces. Until then, Susan Ladd is participating in the cover-up.

Opinion without fact is only bullshit. But one thing is certain, as long as the crimes against society continue to be committed by men and women who are never named, things will never change for the better. That's why, if you elect me Mayor of Greensboro in 2017 I will name even more names then than I am capable of naming now.

I will name all the names I can find.

Correction: The owner of the Summit Executive Center is disbarred dentist Paul Watkins DDS, but Susan Ladd never mentioned that either.

Correction 2: Roch Smith jr Did not out millionaire, H. Frank Auman, III as the owner of the Executive Center apartments on Summit Avenue. He wrote that Paul Watkins, was the owner of  Executive Center.