Saturday, August 13, 2016

John Hammer on Nancy Hoffmann

"I keep reading in various liberal publications about how downtown property owners with vacant buildings are holding the downtown back...

...I owned a downtown office building for seven years, and during that entire time, despite trying several commercial real estate companies and doing a lot of advertising, we always had a lot of space for rent in our building.

...The city may give a lot of lip service to protecting and preserving old buildings, but that's all it is.  Wait until you have to deal with the city's inspectors.  Of course, if you happen to be a member of the City Council then you might find things to be a bit easier.

Who voted to put $25 million of debt on November's ballot for herself
after using taxpayer monies she voted for via DGI
to improve her property?

So perhaps the best bet is for those complaining to get elected to the City Council first and then develop downtown property..."

Similar to the exploits of several current and former council members,
one of whom is now a lobbyist for a $25 million downtown bond/tax increase
which will directly benefit Nancy Hoffmann and Council's biggest 'donors'