Friday, August 5, 2016

Let's not forget what Guilford County School parents and students were told; "New Say Yes to Education partnership means free college tuition for Guilford County students"

"Thousands of students in Guilford County Schools could now receive a free college education, regardless of how much money their parents are making.

...Say Yes provides free tuition to GCS graduates to any in-state public college or university, as long as the student has spent at least a few years in the GCS system. The funds will be available by spring 2016, meaning current seniors in high school are eligible.

...Say Yes commits to meet 100 percent of the public, in-state college cost not already covered by federal or state aid.

...GCS is the third Say Yes community nationally, behind Buffalo and Syracuse, N.Y.

..."My daughter is in the sixth grade," said mother Felicia Andrews. "So just imagine, if tuition is rising every year, by the time my daughter goes to college, who knows how much it could cost. So knowing that that is going to be taken care of is a game changer."

...More than 40 individuals, couples, foundations and businesses raised $32.5 million to contribute to the Say Yes scholarship fund for GCS students. Officials hope to raise a total of $70 million.

...Say Yes understands that there can be barriers to college other than financial ones. So, Say Yes also includes support services for students like tutoring, health services and after school programs.