Sunday, August 28, 2016

Looks like Fec got booted by Greensboro101's Roch Smith Junior, again...

Maybe not
Fec's last few posts;

The Staley Waldorf

Mike Barber’s Bid for Mayor

Mike Barber’s Blogger
So, here we are again

It's part of the disease that is our hobby

It's one of those, "wouldn't want to hang out with" things
combined with reading just about everything they write

Roch and Fec

Roch and Billy


Blogging, which can appear pretty stressful all by itself
for me is a stress release from other intensities

Following public corruption the press won't report is fascinating
and infuriating as the for-profit news folks won't step up to the plate
to save advertising revenues and maintaining the ability to feed their families

Going after a crooked local establishment is akin to being resigned
to take a bullet walking out your front door in the morning

Anyone who does it is a little fucked up in the head

Has to be

The folks making the money think what they are doing is normal
like all their friends up the ladder and beside them doing the same thing only different

Been in that crowd as well

It's mostly fun and games via taxation and crony theft

We are mostly loners, which is why writing alongside Billy is a pleasure

Roch likes to use his dissemination machine as a weapon to inflict his way onto others

I like him better while not being a part within his sphere

He writes some great stuff

Most would think the local for profit press would take some chances
considering how poorly paid they are, but they don't overwhelmingly most of the time

Kudos to Jeff Sykes some of the time

That's about it

Shameful what's occurred at the News and Record

They sell souls daily