Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Normal Oil Production Peaked around 2005...


Other, newer, more expensive kinds of production made up the difference;

As oil stocks are at record highs as the economy slows down,
which the press and the government can't admit;

There is too much oil presently, as less is needed as growth falters

Too much oil as an economic indicator is supposed to lead to lower asset prices,
but it's not, as global central banks print more than $180 billion a month
to keep everything looking aesthetic

There are too many people and not enough jobs

There are too many people and there isn't going to be enough food,
as the economy tanks and vendor payments and debt payments aren't made

More war coming

More war, debt defaults etc... = less oil production

More 1% bailouts with printed money

More fake news

More Zack Matheny

More Ponzi

Less oil production = less food, less transport, less global commerce, lower ability to keep the global population fed

Oil = modern food

Money = Oil and other finite physical resources

Some local vendors aren't getting paid by some large businesses
which means less pay and fewer jobs and wealth destruction

You won't read it in the paper