Thursday, September 22, 2016

Say Yes Guilford; "The donation will put the Say Yes total at $41 million of its required $71 million."

$71 million times 5% annual payout = $3,550,000 paid out per year.

If 3,500 students receive $1,000 scholarships each year = at least $3,500,000 should be paid out this year.

If it doubles next year, Say Yes would need $7,000,000.

And then about $14 million after four years, let's call it $10 million needed each year for dropouts.

Is Belk giving all the money at once?  Probably not, like Duke.

$10 million coming out a 'required' $71 million is about 14% per year.

How is it sustainable?

What projections are they using?

What is the money invested in?