Thursday, August 4, 2016

Sharon Hightower abuse of power

"There is no official report on this but plenty of unofficial, off-the-record reports from reliable sources that City Councilmember Sharon Hightower stepped over the line on Sunday.

According to various sources, Hightower arrived at the Parks & Rec Fest at Gillespie Park on Sunday after the parking lot was full and they were using a shuttle to transport people from off-site parking to the event.

Hightower insisted that she be allowed to park in the area reserved for handicapped parking.  She was told by a female police officer that she could not park in a handicapped space.  Hightower insisted that she was a city councilmember and had to be allowed to park in the handicapped space.  The police officer reportedly stood her ground and didn't allow Hightower, who is not handicapped and has no handicapped sticker, to park in the handicapped space.

The sources also say that Hightower filed an official complaint against the officer..."
And elsewhere btw;

"At the very beginning of the meeting Hightower and Barber got in a back and forth, talking over each other, after a speaker from the floor, Sandra White, complained about the way city prime contractors treat subcontrators.

A legitamate topic which City Council has failed to address
by not providing transparency concerning subcontractors
which a tech fellow expert on the subject told me a few years ago was totally doable
right before City Council didn't do it, as the action would mess with campaign cash
from prime contractors

Barber said that he had been chairman of the state contracting licensing board and what she was complaining about was covered by state statute.  He suggested that she contact him and he would direct her on how to file a complaint.

Hightower interrupted saying to White, "Are you one of my MWBEs?"  Hightower said that they should not be pushing her off to the state but should handle the issue "right here."

Barber said that the laws concerning MWBEs were state statutes and the city was prohibited from interfering with state laws.

Mike Barber makes money off of poor black kids with City taxpayer monies
at Gillespie golf course, owned by the City, which is sponsored by Jim Melvin
who Mike was nice enough to vote for his and Roy Carroll's Megasite soon to be fiasco

Hightower responded, "Mr. Barber has never helped an MWBE person.  You have never helped anybody."

Always and never...

tbs, Mike is not one of the good guys
with a documented history of lying and using City resources for his personal benefit
without consequence, as the rest of Council is just as compromised by our oligarchy

Vaughan stepped in and said that the council needed to behave the way they expected the audience to act."

After Nancy and Don made about $10,000 per month for years
from the City giving free White Street Landfill money to Wilbur Ross' Cone Mills [ITG],
while Nancy paid one of Don's law firm employees under the table
in violation of applicable laws