Wednesday, August 10, 2016

What Greensboro's City Council and Staff didn't/don't/won't watch out for, for their own employees' retirement plan

"...Paying too much: You have to care about expenses. They are the most predictable characteristic of explaining future returns of funds, experts say. And expenses are a more reliable signal than past performance.

They don't care about their own employees

Choosing the right mutual fund is different from choosing stocks, because you're effectively choosing a money manager rather than a management team. Controlling costs is key to successful fund investing.

They had the chance to do the right thing, 
and they didn't do it

It can’t be said enough: with funds, costs matter. Annual expenses eat into total return, year after year. With high-cost funds, you pay more and pocket less. Moreover, studies show that low-expense funds are more likely to outperform their costlier counterparts over time..."

If you are a City of Greensboro employee,
Nancy Vaughan, Nancy Hofmann, Tony Wilkins, Justin Outling, Jamal Fox, 
Mike Barber, Yvonne Johnson, Sharon Hightower, Marikay Abuzuaiter, 
Connie Hammond, Rick Lusk, Jim Westmoreland 
Mary Vigue and Donnie Turlington are directly responsible for your not making more
in your ICMA-RC 457 retirement plan

They chose Wall Street over those they have a responsibility to represent