Friday, August 12, 2016

Who owns the building Margaret?

"Councilman Mike Barber has questioned who owns the museum and who would stand to profit if it ever were to be sold.

How is it possible to get this far into this fiasco
without knowing who owns the building?

On Thursday, Barber said in an email to council members that the discoveries by Carruthers and the News & Record don’t change his belief that museum officials could receive salaries or consulting fees for many years if the museum dissolved.

Why doesn't City Council know this basic piece of information?

The document doesn’t “prohibit commercial or institutional activities or require the building be operated as a museum,” Barber said.

“Any assets could be conveyed to another nonprofit, for example the recently discovered Civil Rights Museum Legal Defense and Education Fund, whose principal is Earl Jones,” Barber said."

Margaret Moffett