Saturday, September 10, 2016

Doesn't it seem counter intuitive? We may have transcended complacency and some links

Except the market isn't at a low, but a high...

Seems unnatural?; "The overnight HIBOR, or Hong Kong Interbank Offered Rate, jumped 3.88% points to 5.45%"

Can the world's central banks hold everything up until November's election?

George 'Say Yes to Education' Weiss and Associates;"...the hedge fund portfolio reportedly returned more than 50% per year on an annual basis", except for when it didn't

Money from nothing; "ECB's QE bond buying hits €1 trillion milestone"

"Americans have lost faith in the supposedly just-the-facts-ma’am mainstream media"

Factory Orders and Capital Goods Shipments

Wage growth while healthcare costs etc... keeps on rising = constricted discretionary spending after the credit cards max out


"The Swiss central bank is now the eighth largest investor in publicly traded shares of Facebook"

"If you take the promotion and raise, your income would decrease from $60,701 to $39,332"

The farther the red lines go down, the longer financial markets don't follow, the bigger the disequilibrium between reality and its reflection