Sunday, September 4, 2016

"Government and Politics Reporter; BH MEDIA GROUP NEWS & RECORD"

"BH Media Group, an award-winning newspaper organization, is hiring a Government and Politics Reporter for the Greensboro location.

The News & Record has an opening for a full-time state government and politics reporter to explain to our audience the issues that will affect their lives and the forces that will determine those issues.

This reporter will serve the newsroom's top-level reporter during election season and will be responsible for a variety of assignments, such as election trends, legislative activities, candidates, leadership and finances, and the political sways that affect all of them.

The News and Record doesn't really report campaign finances
as it would upset some of their advertisers and political insiders

Under multiple daily deadline pressures, the reporter must be able to contribute to with articles, blogs, video and other visuals; be a staff leader in the use of social media and digital tools; and write hard news, investigative, analyses, features and commentary.

The News and Record doesn't write hard political news

They don't really investigate much

The reporter also will be asked to appear on camera for video and live interviews."