Friday, September 2, 2016

Greensboro Radio Sucks

We've known it for years and today I'm adding it to Billy's Big List Of Documented Reasons Why Greensboro Sucks. How's that you say? From Carolina Under Siege: 

"I always knew that Greensboro sucked really smelly ass, but it was confirmed when I recently began listening to Wilmington’s 98.3 FM The Penguin online.  With the possible exception of college stations, Greensboro doesn’t have a decent radio station."

You only have to read the latest list of songs played to know it's true and Billy's Big List Of Documented Reasons Why Greensboro Sucks.keeps growing ever longer.

So how is it this Wilmington radio station does such a better job? Unlike most stations, who rely on computer algorithms to play the same tired lists of songs all the time, the Penguin's play list is hand picked by real people who love music.

Imagine that?

I'll be posting a permanent link labeled Greensboro's Best Radio to make it easier for everyone to find.