Monday, September 5, 2016

Misleading Richard M. Barron on why Greensboro's job market sucks in Greensboro's News and Record

"we’re losing the kinds of jobs that support a middle class lifestyle — manufacturing, skilled trades and services...

Because 'free trade' agreements supported by Warren Buffett and friends
sent our best jobs oversees for the benefit of our elite 
who control the political establishment 

They continue to decline as the economy shifts away from one that makes things in vast factories to one that makes advanced goods and provides services.

Supported in part by the News and Record's editorial board

The most educated service providers, professionals, information technology workers and managers, are in the minority while thousands of less-educated workers are trapped in low-wage and often part-time service jobs.

Most of Greensboro's working poor

...“The largest growth in jobs we’ve seen have come from the lowest wage occupations,” ...

“On the other end we have also seen significant growth in high-wage occupations. It’s a lot harder to break into those occupations. You need a lot of education and that education costs a lot of money that those low-wage workers just don’t have. So, too many workers will be locked into low-wage occupations.”

...In the Greensboro-High Point metro, which includes Guilford, Rockingham and Randolph counties, health care occupations grew by 18 percent, adding 5,900 jobs, from early 2007 through July, without a pause for the recession.

High paying health care occupations are government subsidized 
via taxpayer wealth transfer through theft
for the benefit of the parasitic credentialed class

Goods-producing jobs, by comparison, dropped by 21 percent, or 11,200 jobs.

While the even higher profits from the lower waged outsourced jobs remained with those who own the companies who shafted American workers
and made more money than they were making before,
like Warren Buffett who owns the News and Record

Doctors, the best-paid nurses and other personnel are at the top of the health care industry, but thousands of people who might have worked middle-class jobs a generation ago in manufacturing face lower-wage, often part-time work in many health care jobs.

So the highest paid employees in the health care industry 
ran up prices so high, hundreds of local families at the bottom went bankrupt 
by not being able to pay government sponsored, artificially high costs

On a broader level, Greensboro-High Point’s number of employed people..., has recovered since the worst months of the recession, but remains lower by 10,000 jobs, from 370,000 jobs to about 360,000 jobs from July 2007 until this July.

How are 10,000 fewer jobs nine years later a recovery Richard,
if there are more people living here since then?

A different survey of people who say they are working or looking for work was almost the same in July as it was in July 2007, at about 370,000 people.

Population estimates, July 1, 2015; 517,600

Population estimates base, April 1, 2010; 488,406

By comparison, the Research Triangle city of Raleigh saw total employment grow from 514,400 in July 2007 to 600,000 this July, a rate of 17 percent.

That means Greensboro’s economy is essentially stagnant compared with Raleigh’s education and tech economy...

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517,600 - 488,406 = 29,124 more people with 10,000 fewer 'looking' for jobs
between 2010 and 2015, 
meaning Richard Barron is a propagandist at best
and is definitely a shitty journalist who doesn't mind lying to his readers
who ignores simple math
517,600 - 464,924 = 52,676 more people with 10,000 fewer jobs
between 2007 and 2015

Our population grew by 11%, while actual jobs fell 10,000,
which is terrible, but they won't tell anyone the actual facts
to keep most in line and supporting the status quo

Who does bullshit information like this help?

Our elected officials and their cronies who skim off the rents of the poor
while bribes, kickbacks and 'contributions' flow to the public overseers
of this economic catastrophe

Let's build a Performing Arts Center!

The more distracted and stupid most are, the longer they rule as oligarchy,
and the News and Record and most other local media are in on it

Binge watch some tv and forget about it
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