Friday, September 16, 2016

Some Things I'll Change As Mayor Of Greensboro

I'll be updating and adding to this list over time so please come back from time to time.

1. The Police Community Review Board will be given subpoena power. Also, active duty and retired police officers will be added to the board.

2. No grants, contracts or payments will be made with or to organizations, non-profits or for profit, where City Council members are employed or sit on boards of directors. This includes in-kind contributions.

The reasoning behind this is simple and happens regularly: Uninvolved council members will be dependent on the affected council members for team-playing and cooperation to the point where a favor not done to help a council person's pet project or more importantly their personal income will later negatively affect other business when the affected council person contrives a "payback". In other words, every council person who votes for the pet project, non-profit, etc. for one will be doing so to achieve a positive later personal result there from. That too is a de-facto conflict of interest. 

3. The City of Greensboro will lobby the State Legislature for tougher laws for disclosure for City Council members as current laws have no means of enforcement and are strictly voluntary. This is unacceptable.

4. Public records will be made public before they are asked for. All Greensboro public records are currently stored online and hidden from the public by password. When I am elected Mayor of Greensboro we will begin the process of putting public records into public view without password protection. No, not all of Greensboro's records are public records but there is no legitimate need to filter public records from public view.

5. The City of Greensboro will take a more open approach to police body cameras-- as much as State law will allow-- and will aggressively lobby the state legislature for more open viewing of police body cameras.

6. The City of Greensboro will answer questions as part of the City's Public Record's Policy even though State law does not require the City to do so. Greensboro will raise the bar for the entire state and nation.

To be continued....

Got more ideas I haven't mentioned here or in my platform? I'll gladly consider them. Send your suggestions to