Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The new investigative reporting by Triad City Beat; "City eats: How city council spends money on food"

"When the Greensboro City Council members are hungry, it’s usually for pizza.

Triad City Beat culled through the 63 most recent food receipts for city council meetings, work sessions and retreats to figure out where the city’s leaders spend public funds on food. Most of the time it came from restaurants (49), though 13 receipts are from grocery/retailers and one is from a catering company..."

No Mike Barber making money off taxpayers from Gillespie

No unauthorized water and sewer

Not much of anything,
as they keep asking for City money for a Coliseum ad
like Yes Weekly and the Rhino Times get

Eric Ginsburg was named 
in a Guilford County Superior Court lawsuit filed against the City
for refusing to comply with public records law
and didn't report it

16 cvs 6934

Eric doesn't appear to really give a shit about Greensboro