Wednesday, September 28, 2016

What Greensboro Didn't Tell You About Dejuan Yourse

I have it on good authority that as of this afternoon, Greensboro Police Captain James Hinson called Greensboro Police Officer CN Jackson-- seen  in the video below-- demanding her immediate resignation under threat of being fired for her part in the incident you see in the video.

My question to Captain Hinson is: What in the hell could Ms Jackson have done to stop Officer Travis Cole from assaulting Dejuan Yourse, shoot one or the other of them?

The assault of  Dejuan Yourse by Officer Travis Cole was wrong and the City of Greensboro has already paid Mr Yourse a cash settlement despite the fact that Mr Yourse's mother had a restraining order against her son to keep him away from her home. (Bet you hadn't read that anywhere else, had you?) There is said to be a 3rd body camera video of Mrs Yourse thanking Greensboro Police for not allowing her son to break into her home... again.

Yesterday, when I first posted this video, along with links to City Council videos, I was unaware of the restraining order and Mr Yourse's long criminal record. Not that any of that makes it okay to assault him but there's far more here than we are being told.

Captain Hinson's actions are demoralizing the entire Greensboro Police Department at a time when even our best and brightest police officers are rethinking their decisions to become police officers.
And that we cannot afford.

Captain Hinson needs to explain himself and explain to the public why he is demanding officer Jackson leave the Greensboro Police Department.

Update: High Point is about to offer matching pay for lateral transfers. Winston-Salem is desperate for new cops, to the point they are recruiting out of New York City and GPD is already down about 50 officers. Hinson must go now.