Monday, September 5, 2016

Why Doesn’t Mike Barber Want Greensboro to be Great?

In his post Cultural Illiteracy, Fec writes:

"Greensboro is a dying city because the few who own everything wage war for what remains.  The neoliberal corporates not only have no sense of community, but actively seek to destroy every vestige of local authenticity in the name of profitable replication.  We are surrounded by neoliberal diploma mills graduating kids who know nothing.  And then we fail them by not leveraging the experience with a cohesive business community promoting the arts.  Instead, we have fascist promotion of competing art projects, none of which is marketed properly.

Families with the resources to make a difference and an expressed desire to act exhibit a complete lack of creativity and commercial acumen.

It is one thing to consider the moribund sadness which is Greensboro in isolation, but I’ve been to Greenville, SC and Wilmington.  I know things can be better because I’ve seen it.  What the wealthy and powerful have wrought is a public disease abetted by corrupt politics.

Why doesn’t Mike Barber want Greensboro to be great?  Is it the same reasons he mocks poor kids with the morality and ethics of golf at Gillespie?  How long will the country clubs carry on with business as usual and total disregard of the collapsing community around them?  How long will these monsters continue to rely upon the thin blue line to carry out their fascist ambitions?"

Upon reading that I paused and thought to myself, Mike Barber is more interested in his own personal success that the success of the city in which he lives and holds an at-large seat on the Greensboro City Council.

How do I know that to be true?

Well, if Mike Barber were really interested in the success of Greensboro he would have jumped at the chance to run the rest of the Greensboro City Council and their corrupt cronies into the ground when I proved beyond any doubt that the Wyndham Hotel Feasibility Study was fraudulent.

But instead, Councilman Mike Barber signed-off on a letter from City Council that read:

 So what were my questions?

The downtown Wyndham was never built. Construction never started. Now you know why. The question is: Why didn't Mike Barber go public on what was obviously a fraudulent attempt to secure $1.975 Million Dollars in Greensboro tax dollars?

Could it be it was in Councilman Mike Barber's own best interest to keep his mouth shut?

The next time someone says to you, what has Billy Jones done for Greensboro you can tell them I single handedly saved Greensboro taxpayers $1.975 Million Dollars and did it expecting nothing in return. Then remind them I'm a candidate for Mayor of Greensboro in 2017.