Monday, October 24, 2016

City Files Motion To Dismiss My Lawsuit

As some are aware I filed suit against the City of Greensboro for failing to comply with public information requests in a timely and accurate manner. Today I received via e-mail the linked Motion To Partially Dismiss For Lack Of Subject Matter Jurisdiction And Answer.

I've yet to the the letter in the mail which was due October 21, 2016, thirty-three days after the City of Greensboro asked for a 30 day extension to reply and the letter came with the following e-mail:

Are you getting this straight?

In their first defense they are claiming they have replied in a reasonable amount of time. When I filed the suit some of these records requests were as much as 46 weeks old. Now these requests are a year old. The City is claiming a timely reply. And in her e-mail, Rosseta Davidson, Assistant City Attorney for the City of Greensboro admits:

"Also, in light of additional documents being released after October 18, 2016, an amended Answer will be filed.  Once we have the date stamp for the amended Answer, I will forward that to you as well."

That's right, they are still not in compliance even though they are asking that the suit be dismissed.

I think it's fair to say that many of these documents and more would have never been released had this law suit not been filed.

Look, I've known all along something like this could happen but ask yourself, why don't they want the public to know what is going on downtown and why are they fighting to keep this law suit out of court when I never asked for any money?

Why not ask Mayor Nancy Barakat Vaughan and the rest of the Greensboro City Council?