Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Illegal acts by Sharon Hightower and Jamal Fox, enabled by Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan

Abuzuaiter wanted to know if it was legal 
for her to release information about why she voted the way she did in closed session,
since the fact that she voted against releasing the information had been made public. 

John "Roy's Boy" Hammer

From minutes of the closed session released to Roch Smith Jr.;


Moved by Councilmember Hightower, seconded by Councilmember Fox to see the documents.

The state’s open meetings law 
prohibits the council from taking votes in private.

Margaret Moffett


Mayor Vaughan confirmed the motion was to allow members to review the documents in closed session; and keep the documents confidential.

Greensboro's City Council broke the law,
with at least three attorney's in the room at the time,
Barber, Caruthers and Outling

The motion failed by a 5-4 vote with Councilmembers Fox, Hightower, Johnson, and Vaughan voting in favor."


Nancy Vaughan ratted out her council-members
and they are pissed, not because she was supposed to publicly disclose what should have been,
but because she didn't keep her mouth shut after an illegal vote

Susan Ladd on Greensboro City Council's "cover-up" of illegal closed session vote on Police records


Outling didn't complain the vote shouldn't have been private,
but that it was discourteous to tell the public what they should have known, 
meaning Justin doesn't really give a shit about what's legal or not, 
but does care about hiding the truth about an illegal vote he was involved in

Illegal Act; "[News & Record] asks city to release audio of private meeting"


It is reportedly not unusual for business owners thinking of moving into an area
to watch a couple of City Council meetings to learn something about the community.

If any developer or business owner who was thinking of coming to Greensboro
watched this meeting, 
you can bet they crossed Greensboro off their list of potential sites

John "Roy's Boy" Hammer

"Mayor Nancy Vaughan completely lost control of another City Council meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 18."