Wednesday, November 23, 2016

"Major Media Crash: They Need A Scapegoat"; 'They' appear to be losing control of the masses

"They kept telling the American people Hillary Clinton was going to win the election; and in every way they could think of, they told the American people this was a good idea.

Virtually the entire media establishment, in one way or others,
pushed for the Clinton camp

It's not like there was any pretense of non-bias

Then, on election night, they, the media, crashed.

The results came in.

The media went into deep shock.

And the stock market spiked
as the bond market crumbled

...Suddenly, on cue, it was: Hillary Clinton lost because “fake news” about her had been spread around during the campaign.

Hillary Clinton lost because she was considered a crooked candidate, 
which she was

Fake news sites. That was the reason.

Hillary Clinton lost because enough people didn't believe
what they overwhelmingly heard and saw on television etc...

These “fake sites” had to be punished.

She lost because she rigged the primary against Bernie Sanders

Somehow. They had to be defamed.

She lost because she was fed debate questions by Donna at CNN

Blocked. Censored.

She lost because of Wikileaks

...Obama put in his two cents: “Because in an age where there’s so much active misinformation and it’s packaged very well and it looks the same when you see it on a Facebook page or you turn on your television…If everything seems to be the same and no distinctions are made, then we won’t know what to protect.”

Because of Obamacare premium hikes
and ridiculous pharmaceutical prices

Excuse me. “We won’t know what to protect?” Meaning what to favor, what to promote, what to lie about?

The Clinton Foundation

...Thousands of websites and blogs have been exposing major media as fake for years.

Welcome to

...If Google, Facebook, and Twitter keep expanding their censorship of “disfavored messages,” they’re going to pay a price. More and more users will go elsewhere.

My kids rarely use Facebook

The facade of the major media is getting thinner. You can see a glow of rage and resentment behind it.

Information, knowledge, is power. 

If you can control information, you can control people.”


They’re desperately looking for revenge on the millions and millions of people who are deserting them...

Withholding information is the essence of tyranny. 

Control of the flow of information is the tool of the dictatorship.


They presumed too much. They presumed they had us in the palm of their hand. We were their property. We were transfixed by their authority.

...The big shift is accelerating.


Financial markets have to fall for enough to 'get' the idea they've been played

...The major media are the biggest fakes the world has ever seen.

...They’re dinner-theater actors.

...The New York-Washington axis exists in a self-serving bubble

...When the people who now head the tech giants were growing up, they were heralding the Internet as a new era of free information-exchange. But now that ...they’re fronting for censorship.

...The elite political class and their media minions fear more than independent news countering their own news. For obvious reasons, every civilization down through history has had its own monopolistic media, its central “broadcasting system.” Its controlled outlet...

That is the threat.

The rapid proliferation of The Many is an unpredictable X-factor.

The population is waking up to decentralized media.

Instead of the hypnotic attachment to one basic information source — the habit of a lifetime — the public is learning to handle multiple sources.

...This is the basic problem for the elites.

How can they reinstate the trance?

...By creating a sudden war or other disaster, briefly “unifying” the country?

...more and more people understand such maneuvers and their true aims.